about us

on the 13th of june 1983, a dream became reality.

the restaurant le vieux four in laval, located in a small village of st-vincent-de-paul openly a clientele that has remained loyal since 1983.

m. managò was born in the province ofreggio calabre in italy, more specifically the small village of palmi. this is where he acquired the ability to bring natural and fresh products to a colorful kitchen that give a raffined and savoured taste of a pizza cooked in an authentic wood stove. we continue this tradition and offer this at le vieux four.

this italian restaurant is family realization; m. managò has always been accompanied by his wife and 4 children. each and everyone put their heart into it and kept their hopes high. the instant success was well beyond any of their expectations. the restaurant has become an institution, it is know for its quality of food and excellence in customer service.

it is with pride and determination that linda managò took the relief of this incredible adventure in saint-sauveur and hopes that this establishment will remain…
a destination the patrons cannot pass over.

a meeting place where can taste the difference